That was Robin Roberts


"Robin Roberts did the Smollett interview".

Appearing on "The Late Show" with host Stephen Colbert, CBS's Gayle King responded to remarks made by Fox News host Jesse Watters.

The CBS This Morning anchor's composure as Kelly got more and more unhinged, has gained her a lot of love and attention.

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Watters, ultimately, apologized after being corrected, and again at the end of that episode of The Five, when he held up a small dry erase white board on which he'd written, "I'm sorry Gayle + Robin". The interview aired on ABC's "Good Morning America" days before he was arrested and accused of filing a false police report. During the interview, Kelly lashed out dramatically at his interviewer, Gayle King, screaming and pounding his fists, as she asked him pointed questions about the sexual abuse allegations he is now facing and those he has faced in the past.

Perino: Robin Roberts did the Smollett interview.

Gayle King, left, and Robin Roberts. He's saying that there is a hate crime so if I am too hard, then my LGBT community is going to say, you don't believe a brother.

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Even though Kelly stood over King, screaming and crying, she said she "just knew" she was never in danger.

Despite the fact that R. Kelly was the main focus of the interview, people have been talking about the interviewer, Gayle King, as well!

"So many people started sending this to me, because I normally don't watch Fox News unless I'm just curious to see what's going on, what other people are thinking", she continued. The CBS host told Colbert that she had subsequently contacted Perino to thank her for correcting Watters on his mistake during the show. I emailed Dana, who I don't know, and said: "Hi, just wanted to thank you for letting your colleague know that Robin Roberts and I, it was a great compliment, but thank you for letting him know we're two different people and could you let the rest of your colleagues know that all black people do not look alike". The disgraced singer went ballistic and screamed, "Forget the blogs, forget how you feel about me".

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"I hope to meet her one day, because I thought that that was very nice of her to do", she added.