Spotify Premium now comes with free Hulu access


Existing Spotify Premium subscribers can add the Hulu plan to their account by logging into Spotify in their browser, clicking through to the account page, and following the instructions there.

Sign up for Spotify Premium and you will also enjoy the ad-supported Hulu plan at no extra cost. The same $9.99 that usually just gets Spotify Premium will also get access to the ad-supported Hulu membership tier. Except where prohibited by applicable law, Spotify reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue this Premium with Hulu Offer, either temporarily or permanently (or any part thereof), with or without notice.

Prior to this move, the bundle was available at an increased Premium rate of $12.99/month compared to the $9.99/month charge for just the music streaming platform.

Trump Budget Sees $1 Trillion Deficits for Next Four Years
Tax cuts have been a priority for the Republican White House and Congress in recent years, rather than deficit reduction. Trump's budget also calls for the extension of the 2017 tax cuts, which are now expected to expire in 2025.

For new subscribers, they need only visit this link and sign up for Spotify Premium.

Hulu wants to get more Spotify users hooked on its streaming TV package: All Spotify Premium users in the USA will get access to Hulu's streaming VOD plan with ads for no extra cost - if they take advantage of the promo in the next three months.

Last year, the two companies introduced a plan that would allow you to get both Spotify and Hulu for $12.99, but now that price has been lowered to $9.99, the price of a Spotify subscription. The last time the two services offered a deal of this type was a year ago when a bundle package cost $12.99.

February Jobs Report Weakest in 30 Months
February's increase was dramatically smaller than January's revised gain of 311,000 and December's revised 227,000. The decline in the so-called U6 rate was the largest since the BLS launched the series in 1994.

The deal is available to new and existing Spotify subscribers. All you need to do is cancel your billing through Hulu and sign up with Spotify.

Now, those who jumped on that offer will be shifted automatically to this new promotion. Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work" surged a whopping 433 percent after it was featured in episode 1 of the second season.

Canada sees second straight monthly employment surge with 55,900 net new jobs
The report by Statistics Canada also shined a spotlight on the participation rate of women in the workforce. In an economy with more than half a million vacant jobs, many seem to be finding work.