Alleged Gambino Crime Boss Shot, Killed Outside Staten Island Home


The reported crime boss of the New York Mafia's Gambino family, Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali, was gunned down in front of his Staten Island home late Wednesday, police and media said.

Cali, 53, was shot multiple times outside his home shortly after 9 p.m.

A witness told The New York Daily News: 'There were like six shots, and then there were three more.

John Gotti, who organised the hit, then took power at the helm of the Gambino family.

He was pronounced dead at a hospital soon after.

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Business Insider said Cali essentially was in charge of New York City's city's food industry and was worth an estimated $30 million.

Cali's assassination came on the same day that Joseph Cammarano Jr., the reputed acting boss of the Bonanno crime family, was acquitted at trial, and about a week after Carmine Persico, a longtime boss of the Colombo crime family, died in prison at age 85. They remain powerful players in the black market, however, in loan sharking, gambling, prostitution and the drug trade, according to law enforcement.

Cali became the boss of the Gambino family in 2015 according to local media, taking over from Domenico Cefalù.

The body of mafia crime boss Paul Castellano lies on a stretcher outside the Sparks Steak House in NY after he and his bodyguard were gunned down December 16, 1985. Investigators haven't made any arrests in the hours that have passed but insists the case remains an open book until they publicly state otherwise.

His only mob-related conviction came a decade ago when he pleaded guilty in an extortion conspiracy involving a failed attempt to build a Nascar stock racing track on Staten Island.

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After all, it had been 34 years since a Mafia don like him had been "whacked" on the streets of NY. Gotti died in prison in 2002.

Last October, 71-year-old Sylvester Zottola, a reputed associate of the Bonanno organisation, was shot dead at a takeaway restaurant in the Bronx, New York.

Affluent Todt Hill is renowned for its crime connections.

Since the 1990s, the fortunes of the city's five traditional mafia clans have been on the decline.

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