Cabinet row over Theresa May's delay request to EU


A Labour spokesman said: "Should there not be a majority in Parliament for May's deal or a public vote, Corbyn called on the other parties to engage constructively to find a parliamentary majority for a close economic relationship with the European Union that can work for the whole country".

"We have to know what the British want: How long, what is the reason supposed to be, how it should go, what is actually the aim of the extension?"

Ms. May had been hoping that her Brexit deal would finally make it through Parliament after two failed attempts.

He said he would not allow a third "meaningful vote" in the coming days on "substantially the same" motion as MPs rejected last week. However, after that vote, Ms. May said she would seek to extend that departure date to avoid the United Kingdom crashing out of the trade bloc without a deal. Downing St. wouldn't say how long a delay she plans to ask for. The DUP's 10 MPs, who prop up May's minority government, have so far opposed the deal.

John Bercow
John Bercow

But here is the important point about this delay that this minister was desperate for me to know: "The nine months would be a maximum; if we ratified the Withdrawal Agreement at any point before the end of nine months, we could leave the European Union much sooner".

"It's also been very clear that there is absolutely no appetite to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement or the detail of that".

According to precedents stretching back to 1604, parliamentary rules say that substantially similar proposals can not be voted on in the House of Commons a couple of times during the same session of parliament.

"I will fight to the last hour of the deadline on 29 March for an orderly exit", she told a press conference in Berlin.

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In a joint statement, they said Mr Tusk had expressed "strong and ongoing solidarity" with Ireland and they had agreed they needed to see what proposals would now emerge from London.

It could also mean Britain crashing out of the bloc next week without a deal, even though Parliament has voted to rule out that option. But since the deal's defeat last week, Ms.

"We always said that in terms of bringing a vote back for a third time we would need to see a shift from parliamentarians in terms of the support - I think that still is the case".

This isn't the first time Mr. Bercow, 56, has caused headaches for Ms. If her deal did not pass, she was planning to seek a longer delay.

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He warned that last week's House of Commons vote rejecting a "no-deal" Brexit will not prevent it from happening and said the only way to end this "period of uncertainty" is for the United Kingdom to make concrete decisions.

However, this option seems to have been forgotten by the people who are meant to serve us and by their lickspittle mates in the MSM with their constant headlines about "crashing out" and "cliff edges".

As interpreter and enforcer of Parliament's rules, the speaker has broad powers. A headline in the Sun newspaper labelled him "Speaker of the Devil", while the Daily Mail called him an "egotistical preening popinjay [who] has shamelessly put his anti-Brexit bias before the national interest - and is a disgrace to his office".

The British government is enraged at Bercow, believing he has overstepped the bounds of his role as speaker.

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