New Zealand Massacre Video Resurfaces in Erdogan's Campaign


Turkey's vice president on Sunday called for a joint stance against all terror attacks during his visit to New Zealand, terming the twin attacks which killed at least 50 people a clear "act of terrorism".

Nearly 8700 Australians and about 2800 New Zealanders died in the Gallipoli campaign.

The Turkish officials conveyed President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's "deep sorrow" over the recent bloody attacks. "Have no doubt we will send you back like your grandfathers".

Ms Hassan said the police are looking to provide as much support to the people affected by the tragedy as they can.

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New Zealand, which has been campaigning for social media sites to scrub the footage of the mass shooting, rebuked Erdogan, saying he was endangering their citizens.

Erodgan had spoken at a rally featuring a screen image of independent Queensland senator Fraser Anning, who has been widely condemned in Australia for releasing a statement on Friday equating the Christchurch shootings with "the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence".

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters protested that such politicization of the massacre "imperils the future and safety of the New Zealand people and our people overseas, and it's totally unfair".

"We had a long dialogue on the need for any other country, or Turkey for that matter, to ensure that our country, New Zealand, was not misrepresented", he told a press conference.

Many victims of New Zealand mosque massacre hailed from Mideast, South Asia
Armed police were deployed at several locations in all cities, unusual in a country where levels of gun violence are low . A video of one of the shootings was live streamed on Facebook by a man identifying himself as Brenton Tarrant .

Erdogan said. "The only reason: we're Muslim, and they're Christian". He made the comments in Canakkale province, northwestern Turkey which is home to the historic battlefields, on the anniversary of a World War I Turkish naval victory.

He said blaming New Zealand, a country that is working to commemorate "each and every precious life lost in this horrific terror attack", was rich coming from Erdoğan, "who imprisons or kills journalists, opposition members, and Kurds, taking his country into the Middle Ages and threatens to not allow visits to Gallipoli".

Majority MuslimTurkeystraddles Europe and Asia, its Asian section known as Anatolia.Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, is split between an Asian part to the east of the Bosphorus, and a European half to the west of the strait.

Mr Erdogan's AK Party, which has dominated Turkish politics for more than 16 years, is battling for votes as the economy tips into recession after years of strong growth.

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