Brexit: EU gives United Kingdom more time to sort out Brexit


The globalist politician said: "The UK government will still have a choice of a deal, no-deal, a long extension or revoking Article 50".

The EU-27, however, managed to keep all options open by passing the Brexit "hot potato" back to London, which will now have to decide between a deal, no deal, a long extension with EU elections or revoking Article 50.

Britain's parliament will be able to vote next week on a range of preferred courses of action for the government to take if MPs reject for a third time a divorce deal negotiated by Prime Minister Theresa May.

EU Council President Donald Tusk confirmed plans for a two-stage delay plan.

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"If a no-deal scenario is the only option left and looking like that is going to happen, then we need to sit down with the Commission and with the United Kingdom and we need to understand and work with each other, and essentially this is negotiation as to how we can avoid borders on the island of Ireland and, be under no illusion, it's very hard without a deal", she told RTE Radio One.

"On April 12 we have to know where things stand. if we don't have a response by then we will have a no deal Brexit", Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel warned.

In the referendum, Welwyn Hatfield tipped a slightly higher-than-average Leave vote, with 53 per cent voting to leave the EU. May has also faced pressure to either resign or hold a general election as a way to break the deadlock in Parliament. The government is hoping that the new assurances to the DUP bring its lawmakers on board and that the risk of no Brexit at all begins to move more pro-Brexit MPs to reluctantly back the deal.

Earlier on Friday, an official in Macron's office said there would be no further extensions, even to implement the exit: "No, April 12 is the leave date".

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"What will happen will be a new start under a new leader and that will take a long time".

May told reporters after the meeting that it would be wrong to ask British people to participate in European Union elections three years after voting to leave the bloc.

Asked about May's view on revoking Article 50, her spokeswoman said: "That is not something she is prepared to do".

Mrs May is expected to table secondary legislation which needs to go though Parliament by Friday in order to remove the date of 29 March from Brexit legislation.

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An online petition calling on Parliament to revoke Article 50, which gained signatures so quickly the website crashed, has reached nearly three million supporters. Article 50 can be unilaterally revoked at any time until the UK leaves the European Union, academic Oliver Patel wrote in an article for HuffPost UK.