High potency marijuana strongly linked to psychosis


The European research, which checked out hashish use in 11 leading cities and Brazil, is the primary to point out the effect of marijuana use on charges of psychosis, an extreme psychological situation, in massive populations.

And for those who used high-potency pot on a daily basis, the risk of psychosis was even greater - four times greater than those who had never used. "For the primary time, now we have constant proof that there's a dose-dependent relationship between hashish use and induced psychosis at a inhabitants degree".

The research involved 901 patients aged 18 to 64 who have first-episode psychosis and have used mental health services in major sites across Europe between 2010 to 2015.

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After taking into account factors including drinking, education and use of other drugs such as ketamine, the team found those with a psychotic disorder were more likely to have used cannabis at some point in their life than those without the condition. This elevated to five instances extra possible for everyday use of excessive efficiency hashish.

Almost 30 per cent of patients who had experienced a first episode of psychosis were daily cannabis users, compared with less than seven percent of those in the control group.

About 50 percent of new cases of psychosis disorders diagnosed in Amsterdam were linked to use of high-potency cannabis, according to a study published Tuesday in The Lancet. For example, in the Netherlands, the THC content of one product that's gained popularity, locally produced Dutch resin Nederhasj, can be as high as 67 percent. The study found the link between cannabis and psychosis was strongest in London and Amsterdam, where high potency skunk is commonly available. In cities where high potency cannabis is widely available, such as London and Amsterdam, a significant proportion of new cases of psychosis are associated with daily cannabis use and high potency cannabis.

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"As the legal status of cannabis changes in many countries and states, and as we consider the medicinal properties of some types of cannabis, it is of vital public health importance that we also consider the potential adverse effects that are associated with daily cannabis use, especially high potency varieties".

Of more than 1,200 adults who participated in the study, 30 percent of the people who experienced a first psychosis event used cannabis every day. The scientists also classified the potency of the cannabis consumed as either "high" (over 10 per cent THC) or "low" (under 10 per cent THC). The estimates on potency also do not include the proportion of cannabidiol (CBD), another important component of cannabis.

Dr. Marta Fiori, the study's lead author, said that people smoking high-potency marijuana should know psychosis is a potential risk.

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Suzanne Gage, a psychologist and epidemiologist at the University of Liverpool, in an accompanying commentary with the study said, "What this paper has done that's really nice is they look at rates of psychosis and cannabis use in lots of different places where underlying rates of psychosis are different".