Apple launches its own credit card


Not content to simply be a publisher, Apple is also looking to help fund games that are released through its service.

That is a strategic shift by Apple which expressed the change in early 2019 by making its Apple Music services available for smart speakers of rivals including Amazon. It is expected that the streaming service will compete with Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The company announced the new service at its Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California. "We've also been creating a collection of world class services, and that is what today is all about", Cook said. And the entire world of computers has been flipped on its head.

The iPhone has always been Apple's marquee product and main money maker, but sales are starting to decline.

Apple (AAPL) on Monday finally unveiled Apple News+, a paid news subscription service, which will offer users access to content from over 300 publications.

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The new subscription is a way for Apple to bring in revenue from selling digital subscriptions as sales of the iPhone decline. The app has been redesigned and will intuitively suggest shows for you.

Apple didn't mention pricing for Apple Arcade, but the company stressed it won't come at the cost of your privacy.Games over Apple Arcade will not be able to collect your personal information or track your details unless you given them explicit consent to do so. In addition to Apple TV+, Apple also announced a new subscription-based Apple News+ service.

Ahead of the launch, Apple negotiated deals that would let Apple bundle and sell networks at a discount, replicating a business model from the cable TV industry, one source familiar with the matter said.

Apple Arcade games can not collect any data about you without your consent.

Yet while the payment card drew applause during Apple's presentation, some experts were underwhelmed. It puts Apple one step closer to placing itself in the middle of a large swath of consumer transactions.

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Apple Arcade is a new gaming subscription service with over 100 new and exclusive mobile titles. The company is also apparently investing in the development of new games.

Streaming video services have skyrocketed in popularity in the past several years.

Apple led into the financial part of the show by showcasing upgrades to Apple Pay, including that it'll be incorporated into public transit in New York, Chicago, and Portland.

Apple didn't unveil a bundle of multiple subscriptions at the event - something analysts and investors were watching for. There was no news conference devoted to those announcements. Walt Disney Co, AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. are about to sell video services of their own as well, and already own large studios that pump out new TV shows and movies. Wall Street liked what it saw, rewarding Apple with a stock bump that boosted the company's market cap above $900 billion.

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