What is Apple Card? Are the perks worth it?


Sleek design: the card will be made of titanium and feature the iconic Apple logo - a great marketing tool to encourage more customers to utilise Apple Pay.

For sure, turning the small amounts of fees from the card service into a huge revenue source is a long-term business.

Apple is getting plenty of buzz for it's new credit card. He mentioned that he expects these companies to soon start designing their own Android app that can do what the Apple Card will do. But only about 65% of US retailers support Apple Pay. The Apple Card also offers a comprehensive and more precise range of its rewards program, unlike other existing credit cards.

Keep this in mind when considering the card. Mastercard will provide cardholders the ability to shop at merchants around the globe. The company has not shared any details about what kind of credit score you need to have in order to qualify for its card yet. A credit card can be stolen, and its important numbers and security codes are exposed by default.

Apple Card is deeply integrated with iPhone and will be stored in the Apple Wallet app.

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Apple Arcade will allow users to choose from a selection of over 100 titles without having to pay for each one individually. Not content to simply be a publisher, Apple is also looking to help fund games that are released through its service.

And while Apple Card of course will work exclusively within the iPhone maker's sprawling ecosystem, one of the lesser-talked about effects so far of Apple's introduction of this product is the effect it could have outside of Apple. It also suggests that the credit limit for the card will initially be very low but will increase as it is used more frequently and for a longer period of time. There will be the cashback incentives on using of the cards. In reality, there are several better options on the market - especially when it comes to cash back rewards. It's fairly straightforward and potentially enticing, depending on your spending habits. Apple's Gaming Subscription Service Fans who will sign up to Apple Arcade will be able to download various game titles found in a new tab in the App Store.

I don't think what Apple announced this week is exactly what Jobs had in mind when he made those comments to Isaacson, but after years of stumbling in this area the slight changes to its TV portal would surely make him smile. They even get their cash back daily, rather than waiting until the end of the month.

It will be available in the United States this summer. Numerous companies involved say they see it as a way to reach people who wouldn't otherwise subscribe. You can also use it to send money to friends with Apple Pay Cash, much like you would use a Venmo balance.

If not, it could launch its own coin, according to the senior analyst Luke Martin, it appears that Apple launching its private coin is a small step for the technology company, since it already owns a digital wallet and other payment services.

While not a major dealbreaker, it's a drawback if you tend to share accounts with a spouse or other family members.

Apple Card could kickstart the move of credit cards onto smartphones
Purchases are automatically totalled and organised by colour-coded categories such as Food and Drinks", said Apple. The product was announced during Apple's services event on Monday and is slated to launch sometime this summer.

The company also fixed a problem with the FaceTime app that prevented video chats from pausing when you left the app.

It's worth noting that Apple isn't the first to offer a premium looking credit card. Apple said it would cost $9.99 a month.

Another discouraging thing about the card is the fees related to certain transactions.

What about interest rates?

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