European Union will allow United Kingdom citizens visa-free access


May's bid for cross-party talks - after nearly three years of seeking to push through her own version of Brexit - came amid European Union warnings that a damaging no-deal Brexit is growing more likely by the day.

But the text of legislation itself triggered a bitter row in Brussels, after member states - at Spain's urging - referred in a footnote to the draft to Gibraltar as a "colony of the British crown".

After more than two years of tortuous discussions about the minutiae of the separation, European Union leaders are tired of London's failure to agree its own divorce and patience is wearing thin.

"I want to deliver Brexit". May is said to be aiming to compile a new draft Brexit option, and if it passes the House of Commons, to ask the European Union for another Brexit delay.

A Brexit-related vote in Britain's House of Commons on Wednesday ended in a tie, the first time that has happened in a quarter-century.

A spokesman for No 10 said both sides were "showing flexibility". The Labour leader also said he'd raised the option of another referendum to stop an economically damaging no-deal exit, or a departure with what he called a "bad deal".

Experts have warned for years that the Parliament building, one of London's most famous landmarks, needs urgent repairs.

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Meetings are planned Thursday between the British government and the opposition Labour Party in an urgent search for a compromise Brexit solution.

A hard core of pro-Brexit lawmakers in May's Conservative Party dismiss such warnings as fear-mongering. The bill will now be sent to the House of Lords on Thursday and passage is generally expected.

Any new proposal would have to accept the Withdrawal Agreement and focus on amendments to the Political Declaration on the future EU/UK relationship, she said.

Meanwhile at Westminster the fallout continued Thursday following a dramatic round of voting in the House of Commons that lasted until nearly midnight Wednesday.

An anti-Brexit protester demonstrates outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Britain, April 3, 2019.

May received a boost when a move by some lawmakers to take control of business in the House of Commons for a third round of votes on Brexit options was blocked.

If the bill passes into law, May will have to go to a special EU Brexit summit in Brussels on April 10 to seek a delay.

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The loyalty pledge could result in Britain agreeing to proposals on worldwide trade and future European Union spending that would result in increased payments.

Earlier, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker reiterated the EU's position that Britain could get the Brexit deadline extended to May 22 if May could persuade MPs to approve her withdrawal agreement.

EU Economy Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said a no-deal Brexit would mean long lines at borders as Britain became separate from the EU overnight.

Tory MP Caroline Johnson said that "if it comes to the point when we have to balance the risk of a no-deal Brexit versus the risk of letting down the country and ushering in a Marxist, anti-Semite led government, what does [the Prime Minister] think, at that point, is the lowest risk?" The bill, which passed by 313 votes to 312, seeks to prevent Prime Minister Theresa May yanking the United Kingdom out of the European Union without an agreed deal.

With passions running high both inside and outside Parliament, police warned politicians to tone down their rhetoric.

Martin Hewitt, chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council, said the mood was "incredibly febrile". I think anybody with experience of the Prime Minister knows that she doesn't give, she just sits there and takes.

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