The Alliance Of American Football Is Already Ending After Two Months


The hope from the onset of the AAF was that it would serve as a developmental league for the NFL. This makes sense to be different from the G-League in this regard.

In other words, the AAF wasn't everything it claimed to be.

But how do you expect them to pay for flights home when they ran out of money to run the league?

By all indications, the XFL will have more success than what is happening with the AAF.

The abrupt end to the latest spring league after just eight weeks stunned co-founder Bill Polian, the former NFL executive who built a Super Bowl victor with Indianapolis.

Well, extrapolate that. Most diehard fans of most teams in most leagues fall into that category, every off-season.

While it clearly wasn't NFL-caliber football, it was entertaining and helped fill the post-Super Bowl void.

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"Part of the league's original strategy was to use mobile gaming to drum up fan interest", Rovell writes.

Bless all those year-'rounders, they just can not get enough info and analysis on the team they love, in the sport they love.

"We are aware of the report and are gathering more information".

However, "Johnny Football" wasn't quite done just yet.

The Allegiance of American Football is one step closer to being another footnote in American style football that has failed to succeed.

The news comes less than a week after the Canadian Women's Hockey League announced it was packing up after a dozen seasons due to financial concerns.

What's odd is that the NFLPA's decision wasn't made on bad terms: The association merely declined (for now) due to the NFL's strict collective bargaining rules - which hold a vice grip on all National Football League player contracts.

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"You got these guys who come in, you know they're not going to make the (NFL) team", AAF player relations vice president and investor Jared Allen said in May. It's an encouraging development in light of the AAF's inaugural season being cut short just two weeks shy of the playoffs.

Over time, that would have had a significant effect on the quality of talent in the league.

On this day, clearly, McMahon was wise not to buy the AAF which appears to be on its way to being omitted from the sports world sooner rather than later.

Now hundreds of players are out of work as well as coaches.

"If in three years you don't get picked up onto an NFL roster, it's kind of like, OK, put the dream aside at that point", said Pertile, who played college football at Virginia and Oklahoma State.

There's reason to believe that the relationship between Elizondo and Redblacks management never recovered from his being denied the opportunity to interview for the Saskatchewan head coaching vacancy that was created by Chris Jones's departure for the NFL.

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