Ecuadorian embassy could expel Assange within 'hours'


Earlier, WikiLeaks tweeted that a "high level source within the Ecuadorian state" said there was an agreement in place with British authorities to expel Assange.

Though Swedish prosecutors dropped rape and assault charges against Assange in 2017, USA authorities remain keenly interested in him, and as such the footpath outside the Ecuadorian embassy has featured a near-constant United Kingdom police presence for the entire duration of Assange's stay.

The anti-secrecy organisation said its sources in Ecuador had revealed Mr Assange could be removed from the building "within hours to days".

A small group of protesters and supporters of Wikileaks' founder gathered Thursday outside the embassy in London where Assange has been holed up since August 2012.

Despite the Swedes having dropped the investigation into the alleged rape in 2017, it is likely Assange will be arrested as soon as he steps foot outside of the embassy.

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Mr Moreno made the comments after private photographs of him and his family at a time years ago when they were living in Europe were circulated on social media.

WikiLeaks, in a statement, called Moreno's charges "completely bogus", saying it reported on accusations of corruption against the president only after Ecuador's legislature investigated the issue.

In 2011, US authorities opened a grand jury hearing to decide whether to prosecute Assange and WikiLeaks for the release of hundreds of thousands of government secrets, The Guardian reported.

Mr Assange, thourough WikiLeaks, has said the president is now pressuring him to leave by isolating him from visitors and spying on him.

Moreno accused WikiLeaks of intercepting phone calls and private conversations as well as "photos of my bedroom, what I eat, and how my wife and daughters and friends dance".

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The INA papers are the cache of documents published in February 2019, allegedly uncovering the operations of INA Investment Corp, an offshore tax haven created by the brother of Ecuadorian President.

Last week Assange engaged in a shouting match with Ecuador's ambassador inside the embassy.

"But the bigger question still is whether the US Government will assert criminal charges against him and seek his extradition to the United States".

Assange, who was granted Ecuadorian citizenship previous year in an apparent effort to designate him a diplomat and allow him to go to Russian Federation, sued Ecuador for violating his rights as an Ecuadorian.

The WikiLeaks statement comes two days after Moreno accused Assange of repeatedly violating the terms of his asylum.

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