Taiwan Doctor Finds Bees Living In Woman's Eye


The next day, however, Ms He found her eye swollen and went to the hospital. Hung told the press conference that sweat bees commonly nest in the mountains and near graves which explained how they had come into contact with He.

She assumed it was soil and washed her eyes out with water, but later began experiencing severe pain under her eyelid.

But when the woman, identified by her surname He, received treatment at Fooyin University Hospital in Taiwan, doctors didn't find a bacterial infection.

Based on a video of Ms He and the hospital's press conference shared by Apple News Network, the bees entered her eye while she was plucking out weeds from a nearby graveyard. While they are not known to be aggressive bees, it's likely they would sting if touched or aggravated - for example if He had rubbed her eyes.

She is expected to make a full recovery.

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The pain did not lessen over the next three hours, forcing her to visit a hospital to get her eye checked.

The patient said she believes the insects blew into her eye while she was visiting a relative's grave.

Instead of attacking, the bees are merely interested in licking up human sweat with their short tongues as a way to supplement their diets, Terminix reports. "They were still intact and all alive", added the ophthalmology professor.

Hung shows He's eye where the four bees were initially discovered, living under her eyelid. "If she did she could have induced the bees to produce venom... she could have gone blind".

Ms He and Dr Hung Chi-ting who found and removed the bees from her eye.

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According to pest control company Terminix, sweat bees are tiny creatures, typically ranging from 0.125 to 0.5 inches in length.

The bees are still alive and have been sent to another organization so they can be studied.

"This is the first time in Taiwan we've seen something like this", the doctor said.

"The woman will be fine". "This is not something that people need to concern themselves with".

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