The grad whose algorithm lead to first black hole image


Now, the Event Horizon Telescope ( EHT ) has succeeded in resolving the event horizon around the supermassive black hole in M87, a relatively nearby galaxy from which light takes 55 million light years to reach us, due to its distance.

The primordial black holes are the smallest ones. Today, in coordinated press conferences across the globe, EHT researchers revealed that they have succeeded, unveiling this first direct visual evidence of a supermassive black hole and its shadow. The image shows the hot, shadowy lip of a supermassive black hole, one of the light-sucking monsters of the universe theorized by Einstein more than a century ago and confirmed by observations for decades.

The image released reveals the black hole at the centre of Messier 87, a massive galaxy in the constellation of Virgo. It is about 6 billion times the mass of our sun and located about 53 million light years from Earth.

"We have seen what we thought was unseeable", said Sheperd Doeleman, director of the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration. So we had to use a Trick.

The ghostly image is a radio intensity map of the glowing plasma behind, and therefore silhouetting, the black hole's ' event horizon ' - the spherical cloak of invisibility around a black hole from which not even light can escape.

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The region that is at the outermost location of a black hole is known as the event horizon.

University of Pretoria astrophysicist, Professor Roger Deane, was part of an global group of scientists who made history by capturing the first ever image of a black hole. They attained this exceptional coup by interrelating the power by eight substantial radio observatories on four continents to operate together as virtual earth sized telescope. "We had a lot of good reasons to believe Einstein, he hadn't failed us before, but this is the first time we were able to push into that untested region".

They took the "sparse and noisy data" that the telescopes spit out and tried to make an image.

Details of the observation were published in a series of six research papers published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

A black hole is a region in space where the gravitational pull is so high that no matter or radiation can escape. They also have a way of super-heating the material around them and warping spacetime.

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They established a network of eight telescopes across the world, which then scanned the black hole over a period of 10 days.

The first ever black hole photo may be a milestone in science, but it turns out the telescope array used to capture it is just as groundbreaking. But if a person were to somehow get close to this black hole, it might not look quite like that, astronomers said.

Each major astrophysics discovery of the last few decades tends to confirm Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity.

"So apparently some (I hope very few) people online are using the fact that I am the primary developer of the eht-imaging software library to launch bad and sexist attacks on my colleague on my friend Katie Bouman, Stop". Now we know: The larger value is correct, the Black hole in M87 is 1,000 times heavier than the milky way. It is unbelievably small - it's equivalent to the width of a line drawn by a sharpened pencil seen from the distance separating NY and Los Angeles, a task that is possible if scientists use an incredibly clever technique that uses the entire Earth as a telescope. First of all, how does the bright ring around the hole form? According to scientists, the bright halo around it is caused by superheated gas that falls into the hole. And it's important to note that this work wouldn't be possible without generous support from taxpayers and science funding agencies across the world, including the National Science Foundation here in the United States.

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