SpaceX Lands All Three Falcon Heavy Rocket Boosters Successfully


The rocket was launching a satellite into orbit for Saudi Arabian company Arabsat.

This successful landing of the three rocket parts represents a new step in the trajectory of the company, owned by billionaire busineesman Elon Musk, whose policy is to re-use rockets in order to reduce the cost of space travel.

Two of the three cores of the SpaceX Falcon 9 Heavy rocket return to Landing Zones 1 and 2 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. on Thursday.

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The US space's development marked the first-ever commercial satellite launch and Falcon Heavy's second ever flight, including a test launch that had taken place a year ago in February. All three of the rocket's boosters safely landed on Earth; the side boosters for this launch hadn't previously been used. As SpaceX explains on its website, this vehicle is the most powerful (operational) rocket now in existence.

SpaceX designed the Falcon line with reusability in mind, and this makes them more affordable in comparison to the competition. Pad 39A is the launch pad that played host to the historic Apollo missions as well as NASA's Space Shuttle program.

Falcon Heavy Flight 2's evening launch window now sits at 8:00-8:32 pm ET (00:00-00:32 UTC), leaving little margin for any bugs prior to liftoff but still plenty of time for at least one serious attempt. The red Roaster - with a mannequin, dubbed Starman, likely still at the wheel - remains in a solar orbit stretching just past Mars.

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When did SpaceX launch the Falcon rocket?

This was a success following SpaceX's water landing in a similar maneuver a year ago. However, this time, the center core also landed on a drone ship at sea, meaning that SpaceX recovered the entirety of its first stage.

The satellite SpaceX will launch on Wednesday will update satellite coverage for Arabsat, which is based in Riyadh and delivers hundreds of television channels and radio stations to homes across the Middle East and North Africa. That launch was the biggest rocket since the Saturn era ended in the 1970s.

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